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Book on Constructive Linguistics

The book on Constructive Linguistics I wrote with Federico Gobbo is now available on the publisher’s site. Here the details: Constructive Adpositional Grammars: Foundations of Constructive Linguistics Author: Federico Gobbo … Continue reading

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A few notes on balanced trees

In the last project of the course “Algoritmi and Strutture Dati”, there was a problem requiring to find all the points containing some objects in a square of given width … Continue reading

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Progetto “Monnezza”

Alcune chiarificazioni sul progetto di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati denominato “Monnezza”. Se si abbandonano rifiuti in una discarica, eccedendo la sua capacit√†, l’eccedenza deve essere posta a destra della discarica, … Continue reading

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Italian keyboards and Emacs

When typing on an Italian keyboard, composing LaTeX documents, it is always a pain since a couple of fundamental characters are lacking: tilde and backtick. There are useless characters like … Continue reading

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Monomorphisms as limits

Sometimes it is useful to think to monomorphisms as limits of a category. Let be a monomorhism, i.e., for every pair of arrows , if , then . This is … Continue reading

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Old website

As announced, I dismissed my old website. Its URL is still valid, and it redirects here.

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An exact formula for satisfiability

Let be an instance of SAT. As in a previous post, let denote the i-th clause. Moreover, let . We know that . Evidently, is the set of assignments falsifying … Continue reading

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A quick satisfiability check

As it is well-known, Boolean Satisfiability, SAT for short, is NP-complete. Suppose is a formula where is a literal, i.e., the variable , or , or (when the variable does … Continue reading

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Order (and small disorder)

In most textbooks, one finds that a category represents a preorder exactly when there is at most one arrow between any pair of objects. But, surprisingly, the same is told … Continue reading

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New home site

Although I’ll keep my old home page, I’ll not maintain it anymore. Sooner or later, I’ll get rid of that page by redirecting the traffic here. Stay tuned!

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