Marco Benini

Visiting JAIST

Currently, I’m in the Japanese Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, kindly hosted by Prof. H. Ishihara and Dr. T. Nemoto, as part of the CORCON research project. In this … Continue reading

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Seminario a Firenze

Yesterday, I gave a seminar in the Department of Philosophy in Florence. If interested, here are the slides.

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Curry-Howard II

A few days ago, I gave a talk in the Logic Seminar at Leeds. The slides are available at┬áleeds14102012. Essentially, it shows a semantics for full first-order intuitionistic logic in … Continue reading

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Today’s seminar

Today I spoke about Adpositional Grammars introducing them to my colleagues in Leeds. This post is to whom is interested and wants to have a look at the slides.

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