Marco Benini

Progetto “Monnezza”

Alcune chiarificazioni sul progetto di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati denominato “Monnezza”. Se si abbandonano rifiuti in una discarica, eccedendo la sua capacit√†, l’eccedenza deve essere posta a destra della discarica, … Continue reading

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Italian keyboards and Emacs

When typing on an Italian keyboard, composing LaTeX documents, it is always a pain since a couple of fundamental characters are lacking: tilde and backtick. There are useless characters like … Continue reading

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Monomorphisms as limits

Sometimes it is useful to think to monomorphisms as limits of a category. Let be a monomorhism, i.e., for every pair of arrows , if , then . This is … Continue reading

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Old website

As announced, I dismissed my old website. Its URL is still valid, and it redirects here.

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An exact formula for satisfiability

Let be an instance of SAT. As in a previous post, let denote the i-th clause. Moreover, let . We know that . Evidently, is the set of assignments falsifying … Continue reading

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A quick satisfiability check

As it is well-known, Boolean Satisfiability, SAT for short, is NP-complete. Suppose is a formula where is a literal, i.e., the variable , or , or (when the variable does … Continue reading

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